Bio Tools is a nascent innovative Company, emerging as a spin-off of the University of Trento. It was founded in 2010 by researchers belonging to the BIOtech Interdepartmental Research Center, a facility dedicated to advanced research in the design, development and production of materials and tools for tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and biomedical applications. Bio Tools combines cutting edge topics based on biology, physics and engineering to address the growing need for innovative and practical solutions for biomedical therapies, through the design and fabrication of materials, devices and toolsintended to research and applications in biology and biomedical engineering.


Bio Tools aims to design and produce materials, equipment and tools for biomedical applications following a multidisciplinary approach. Considering the intrinsic complexity of the emerging biomedical industry, Bio Tools sees the need to evolve strategies and products to satisfy this dynamic and volatile business market, however maintaining a strong relationship with the research community. Accordingly, Bio Tools designs and fabricates biomedical products to address both research necessities and applications to clinical use. Among its products, bioreactors and tissue scaffolds are the most relevant as well as surface modification of materials and devices for the advanced analysis of biological activity. Different materials and fabrication technologies are provided according to each specific need. In particular, scaffolds for Tissue Engineering can be custom designed and produced to satisfy a breadth of different characteristics, meeting the requisites suitable for a diversity of biomedical applications. Moreover, Bio Tools designs and produces several apparatuses for scaffold processing including microfabrication, rapid prototyping, electrospinning as well as bioreactors and dedicated software, combining both materials testing and dynamic cell culture to mimic physiological-like conditions.


Bioreactors and dedicated software for
advanced cell culture systems